• Water and wastewater treatment operation
  • Solid Waste treatment/disposal
  • Resource remediation and site restoration
  • Environmental management plan

TS Environment operates an Environmental Management Service (EMS) department, under the guidance of the relevant laws of the land, company’s business strategy and plan, Environmental Policy, and some international references/standards where they are appropriate (like ISO 14001). The Environmental Policy is periodically reviewed/audited and updated. In general, functions of the Environmental Management Services can broadly be categorized into four major groups namely,

  • Hazardous and none hazardous waste management and disposal operation,
  • Environmental monitoring function which include water, air, soil …etc. and
  • Site restoration, rehabilitation, reclamation and closure
  • Water and waste water system design, and treatment

TS Safety Services

The safety and health management services can broadly categorized into four major groups.

  • Safety consulting and system design
  • Safety staffing and management support
  • Compliance auditing and Inspection(site audit, system audit, equipment inspection and installation …etc)
  • Health screening and risk management services