TS Environment is a private company established to provide technical and consultancy services related to environmental planning, natural resource management, sustainability studies, ESIA studies and climate change issues. We provide straightforward, commercially aware and technically robust advice to clients in the Built Environment sector. We support investors, developers, regulators, policy makers, landowners and other stakeholders.

ESIA studies

A proposed developmental project is often challenges with its environmental and social impact as well as regulatory constraints. At TS Environment we under­stand these issues and acquired valuable experience in developing timely and cost-effective project plans, evaluative studies, sound engineering designs, effective stakeholder management, and successful permitting.

Our team of experts had the experience in anticipating and addressing permit requirements early on in project design, they help implement a permitting strategy, development schedule, and mitigation plans that expedite permit acquisition and compliance. TS Environment draws on the skills and seamless delivery capability of our highly experienced approval and permitting processes, as well as our technical, engineering, planning, scientific and regulatory consulting staff–a number of whom have direct regulatory agency career experience.

Biodiversity study

We have a team of biodiversity and ecosystem services experts, focusing on practical solutions for managing biodiversity risk and achieving positive conservation outcome.

Our biodiversity expert are over 10 years academic teaching, researching, designing and implementing science based studies for ecological investigations including sustainable use of renewable natural resources research work. This status allows them to conduct research and remain up to date with research in his field of expertise. We help our clients to achieve an ecologically sustainable basis for development, delivering practical solutions for managing biodiversity risk and achieving positive conservation outcomes.

TS Environment’s team is notable for hands-on biodiversity expertise developed through a broad range of backgrounds. Combining a clear biodiversity and ecosystem services focus with an in-depth understanding of private sector and government needs, we are ideally positioned to deliver innovative, pragmatic solutions to emerging biodiversity management challenges.

Our key areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Baseline Studies and Protected Species Surveys
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Planning, Regulatory Support, and Compliance
  • Biodiversity Assessment and Offsetting
  • Habitat Remediation and Management

Water resources

We have a team of Hydrogeologists with over 15 years of academic teaching, researching, designing and implementing science based studies for hydrogeology investigations.

Our hydrologists have a wide experience as a Senior Hydrologist and Hydro geologist carrying out duties of surface and groundwater investigation, ground water feasibility studies, hydro-geophysical and environmental studies, and planning.

Furthermore they have a broad experience on a variety of mega water Resources Projects, mainly Dams for Water Supply, Multipurpose, and Hydroelectric Projects, Power Plants, , Pumping Stations, Flood Control Structures and including Environmental Impact Assessments of Hydroelectric Power Projects to an extent of controlling performance of mitigation measures design. Their experience not only limited to the above but also includes project screening, and ranking, design and supervision of Geological, Geotechnical and Hydro-geological investigations, sitting of project features and developing preliminary layouts and arrangements, technical training and technology transfer. Above all, their works include risk assessments, identification and evaluation of mitigation options and alternative project arrangements.

We have also worked on development projects hydrological baseline studies using techniques endorsed by international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF (IFC PS 1 &6), United Nations, ICMM, ICMI and others.

Acoustic Noise

TS Environment experts provide consultancy advice, studies and assessments for a broad range of clients. We are experienced in acoustical consultants and have worked on a number of projects.

The noise studies we produce usually involve a combination of noise measurements, predictive noise modeling and mitigation design. Using our in-depth understanding of noise and vibration control, we can provide a study or assessment to meet your needs.

Our services includes:

  • Acoustical Consulting
  • Environmental Noise study and Impact Modeling
  • Residential  and commercial Noise level study and assessment
  • Noise modeling
  • Occupational Noise Study

We employ internationally recognized acoustic modelling software packages to allow our acoustical consultants to evaluate noise for a variety of situations. With our extensive experience of real-life noise control applications, we feel we offer a service that can’t be matched by others.

Air Quality Study

TS Environment provides ambient air quality advice and services to clients across the East Africa. We offer an independent and personal service, and work with developers, planners and architects to get projects through the planning and permitting system. Our aim is to provide a cost effective, high quality air quality consultancy service to ensure the return of satisfied clients. TS Environment can provide you with: planning application support, environmental permit application support, air quality modelling, air quality monitoring, air quality assessment, and fugitive dust assessment.

Our air quality team has experience with the assessment of impacts associated across all business sectors including: urban renewal and development (residential, industrial and retail), quarrying and mining, petrochemicals, transport and infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas, intensive agriculture, waste management and wastewater treatment.

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Air quality modelling and assessment
  • Air quality management

With our specialist in-house expertise, members of the TS Environment air quality team are able to undertake a full compliance/best practice assessment of an existing installation or help to support planning decisions regarding new development and the impact of change of land-use.

Archaeology & Heritage

TS Environment provides specialist Cultural Heritage studies to clients across the East Africa. Our teams are senior professionals and researchers in the field of archaeology with over 10 years of experience. We have undertaken archaeological impact assessments of various projects to identify and mitigate possible impacts on sites of archaeological importance resulting from excavations project development.

Tangible and intangible cultural heritage within any new economic development, infrastructure, commercial and construction projects shall be assessed in accordance to the International conventions requirements. TS Environment has well established experience and  expertise in working with international agencies, multi-national companies, diverse cultures and ethnic groups and can assist with concept design, risk awareness, mediation, and damage prevention. International conventions require

We have also carried out archaeological surveys, excavations and researches for several heritage sites to generate scientific data/information that can be utilized for the preparation and implementation of management plans for the cultural heritage sites

  • Planning consultancy, expert witness and design advice
  • EIA, Heritage Impact Assessment and assessment of settings
  • Conservation Management Plans and Character Appraisals
  • Geoarchaeology and analysis of conditions for preservation in situ
  • Regeneration, community and cultural tourism projects
  • Desk studies and negotiation with regulators
  • Historic building recording and landscape surveys

Site investigation, mitigation, interpretation and presentation

Mapping, Surveying, Land Analysis, Project Planning

TS Environment GIS team involved with GIS mapping and map based analysis utilizing the most up-to-date data and technology. Our staff can make information readily available to our clients by helping visualize spatial relationships, producing statistical data and determining environmental concerns. TS Environment has utilized this technology to assist clients with property acquisition, environmental management, project planning and development, and feasibility studies for a wide variety of projects, including mining, oil and gas, Environmental Baseline and impact studies, project feasibility studies, land cover studies, and topographic mapping.

Our staff uses data collected by our survey team and publicly available through spatial database’s. We integrate both survey data and spatial data using GIS software and AutoCad create maps and study trends for any project.  The maps we produces meets our customers requirements of any planning and decision making.

Environmental Management, Permitting & Compliance

TS Environment provide a comprehensive environmental management, permitting and compliance service to our clients. We support our clients in all areas of environmental management, including developing and maintaining integrated and discipline-specific management systems for environment, health & safety and energy that add value to businesses. We also help our clients secure waste and environmental permits, to enable them to effectively comply with regulatory requirements.

TS Environment provides environmental management services to support our ranges of clients to all environmental compliance and to operate efficiently, aligning with the principles of a circular economy. We have proven expertise and experience in working with private and public organizations across a variety of sectors providing a broad range of technical and non-technical services.

Our expertise includes a wide spectrum of environmental issues related to air, water, and pollution prevention and control. We specialize in the following services areas to support your company’s environmental operations:

  • Permitting and Compliance Services
  • Environmental Audits and review
  • Program management and Management services
  • Regulatory enforcement assistance
  • Corporate Responsibility and Reporting
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Environmental and Sustainability Training
  • Environmental liability assessments and financial assurance
  • Resource Efficiency Services
  • Resettlement planning and implementation