TS Environment is a leading environmental, social, health/safety, and sustainability consulting and service providing company that was legally registered as a sole proprietorship business in 2006 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after being certified by the Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Authority (AAEPA). The company was founded by Samuel Hailu who saw the need for environmental engineering services after acquiring experience from different public, private, national and international organizations for more than 20 years.

In February 2013 TS Environment expanded to become a private limited company with six shareholders and diversified its service offering to 13 business sectors as it also has one international subsidiary branch office in Washington DC, USA. The company is continually building its capacity in a number of disciplines as to achieve a sustainable growth with the provision of unique services to its stakeholders.

Our Purpose

At TS Environment Technology, our purpose is to steward the natural, built and social environment by preserving, protecting and retaining it for the next generation alongside by fostering sustainable development to meet the current generation need. As a profit generating company we do also need to make an income for our employees and shareholders, but we are committed never to compromise profit with protecting our environment.

Our Core Values

Integrity: we observe and follow legal, ethical and moral standards.

Transparency: we foster an open and frank engagement with our clients, regulators and among our employee.

Excellence: we strive to produce a superior product and service at every juncture.

Safety: We not only provide safety as our product, we do live by it. It is our first consideration before we embark on any activity.

Passion and Devotion: We love what we do and we practice that by paying attention to every little detail.

Innovation: we aspire to be the best by being ahead of the curve and employing cutting-edge technology.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: A passion for constant improvement and a drive to capitalize on opportunities to meet our vision.

As an environmental, social, health/safety, and sustainability consulting and service providing company TS Environment always goes above and beyond to meet your demanding real world challenges by delivering on time and on budget solutions. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals and experts have good working knowledge and experiences in Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Compliance Audits, Environmental Management Support Services, Training and Consulting Services, Management System Improvement Activities, operational Quality Control and Assurance, renewable energy, Mining and Chemical Processing, Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Management, Safety, Health and Environment management and in other related fields.

We are proud to provide you:

  • Well respected top-notch experts with multi-year practical experience

  • An objective analysis of the issue and a firm commitment to satisfy your need

  • A comprehensive solution that incorporate an attention to fine details

  • A support network that extend after project implementation as well as meeting regulatory demands and more.

We serve our clients with utmost care and sensitivities to their need, we pride ourselves only when our clients are satisfied with our services. Nothing is reassuring to our professional commitment and quality service deliverance than a satisfied client.  Working for and with a number of world class mining and environmental companies, makes as unique in the field of Environmental projects. Our success is built through close involvement in projects over many years and with a very good reputation of high quality services, both in the Ethiopia and East Africa.

Whether you have a small project that need a feasibility study or environmental impacts assessment or larger project that require a multi-disciplinary expert involvement, our company is here to help. We have the practical experience as well as the necessary talent pool to carry the most challenging and rigorous undertakings and for that we have a proven track record. For any information regarding our services and products please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly respond to you on time.