Established in 1999 G.C. as Rainbow Travel PLC, the company had been serving in car rental, tour and travel agency activities until it was re-organized in February 2007 under the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, MIDROC Ethiopia with a new name – Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental & Tour Services PLC. With this new business activity, the company focuses on car rental and tour services excluding sale of aircraft tickets and reservation services (activities transferred to a newly established Sister Company, known as “Mugad Travel PLC”).

Business Purpose

RAINBOW is established to accomplished the following business purposes :

  • Render tour operation and safari Trans-Regional tourist service trade activities;
  • Become arrange space for the air line passengers and perform car-hire trade activity;
  • Establish and run lodges, bungalow and other ecotourism activities;
  • Facilitate in rendering ground, air and water transportation service for the tourists;
  • Import from abroad equipment and materials that are essential for the business activities of the company;
  • Establish companies being with others, buy and sell shares;
  • Engage in other businesses related to the tourism trade activities;
  • Rent/lease special vehicles for the high profile applications such as Government Dignitaries, Embassies, UN and affiliated organizations, Universities, schools, Hotels, etc;
  • Providing temporary, occasional or permanent transport services on contractual agreements such as offering transport shuttles to and from the airport or conference venues;
  • Leasing automobiles for wedding ceremonies;
  • Avail vans for transporting students to and from schools on contractual agreements;
  • Rendering car-hire service both on self-driven as well as chauffeur driven basis;
  • Provide school buses for individuals or group of individuals who are interested to have this services for their children;
  • Provide vehicles for company employees’ transportation service;
  • Provide tour guide, transportation and other services required by tourists;
  • Facilitate accommodation, hunting and other services that are relevant to enhance touring activities;
  • Engaging in any other related business activities which the company may find relevant to enhance the above mentioned business purposes.


Our Motto
“Promoting tourism with exclusive and distinctive services”

Our Vision
“Providing sustained services to every customer and user”

Our Mission
“An organization with a goal of second-to-none leadership positions in each of our services thereby exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and the community ”

Our Values

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Employees Empowerment
  3. Corporate Identity and Image
  4. Integrity and Ethics
  5. Balanced Life & Performance
  6. Raising the Capital of Share holders and Owners
  7. Strength and Stability
  8. Social Responsibility & Corporate Citizenship
  9. Profit and Growth
  10. Respect and Trust
  11. Quality and Excellence
  12. Teamwork and Cooperation