TS Environment has provided competent personnel; adequate equipment and supplies for the delivery of the services to assist CGC meet its legal, environmental and social obligations for its operations in developing a geothermal project in Corbetti (Southern Ethiopia). The Main activities of the proposed Baseline Environmental Study include:

  • To fill Phase I baseline survey gaps in Biodiversity
  • To undertake consultation with local communities regarding sensitive/culturally significant flora and fauna.
  • To consult Senkelle sanctuary regarding the status of the sanctuary and obtain information on its history including human use prior to its creation and human encroachments subsequent to this, potential for movements from Senkelle within Corbetti area and risk of invasive species.
  • To collect information on the newly installed EEP transmission line in case this ultimately forms part of the project
  • To collect further information on the flora and fauna (including relevant information coming from consultation activities) to determine the ultimate requirement for additional survey, the potential for multi-season assessment and whether a rapid update to the impact assessment/determination of mitigations is required